This blog reflects my interest in teachers’ work, school policy, ethics, philosophy in schools, critical pedagogy, and the New Zealand Curriculum.

Schooling, education and educational research are located in the grip of neoliberal and reformist discourse and practice, offering few opportunities for practitioners or commentators to develop a critically independent view. The transformative potential of education is ignored, sidestepped or trampled by these trends, which discourage critical independence, foster a climate of compliance and promote a dangerous groupspeak and groupthink.

This blogsite makes a small contribution to critical discourse about education by challenging these conformist norms. If the views expressed here inform or provoke, then they have served their purpose. If the ideas are useful to you, please feel free to use them-I ask only that you acknowedge them. If you like what you read here, please forward the page through your networks.

I am currently the Director of Research in the School of Education of AUT University in Auckland, New Zealand.


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